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Human Growth Hormone Therapy

HGH, also known as “Hormone Master”, is important for the growth of bones and muscles, supporting healthy skin quality, tissue repair, heart health, and metabolic processes.


Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Men with low libido, lack of energy, performance anxiety, erectile dysfunction, and more sexual health issues have probably got low testosterone levels, known as low-T.


We’ll learn about you, how you’re feeling, and your health goals.

We’ll draw some blood and check your vitals.

We’ll schedule your next visit to discuss the results of the above with our medical provider.

We create an individually customized treatment plan to cater to your basic needs and consider your health state and your personal expectations.


About Us

Welcome to our medical center – South Beach Testosterone Care Clinic  – your best option in hormone treatments!


At South Beach HRT Care Clinic we always follow our fundamental priorities:

Knowledge is power – the more you know about the changes that are happening to your body with age, the more control you have over your healthy future.

Every person – man or woman – deserves to feel and look as good as possible at any age and lifetime.

At our hormone replacement clinic, you will get help to feel relief from your current age-related disorders and feel much better. We suggest a wide range of treatment methods and provide comprehensive diagnostics and lab testing throughout the US.





Hormone Replacement Therapy




Improved Muscle Strength

It is known that the human growth hormone improves the physical abilities of a person by stimulating collagen synthesis in the skeletal muscle and tendons, increasing muscle strength, and, as a result, improving physical performance.


Better Bone Regeneration

HGH both accelerates the growth of muscle tissue and increases the strength of bones while improving bone tissue regeneration resulting in faster recovery of bone tissue after fractures. 


Excess Weight Loss

The use of human growth hormone is associated with weight loss. That is because it stimulates lipolysis, which destroys the fat molecules in the body. If the production of growth hormone is low, this process is disrupted, which leads to increased weight.


Better Mood

HGH improves cognitive abilities. Moreover, a study performed in Lithuania showed that after regular use of this hormone for more than 6 months, people with HGH deficiency felt their mood lifted.


Anti-Aging Effect

You will get much better: depression and apathy will go away when realizing how much younger you look and feel. This is an advantage of HGH therapy that helps to improve your self-esteem, and, as a result, be more successful in your career as well as in your social life and personal relationships.


Enhanced Sex Drive

With lower growth hormone levels, sexual desire also decreases. However, increased sex drive, better muscle strength, and better skin are some of the most popular and demanded advantages of human growth hormone therapy.









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We collect and analyze all the latest research to provide the best treatment to each patient.



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